first time buyer

Benefits of choosing a new construction first home purchase


Making your first home purchase after working hard and saving is an exciting step towards independence and new beginnings. House hunting can be daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to start, however there are many incentives that are on your side and created to help you. If you dream of owning a designer home, a new construction may be suited to you – here are some of the benefits: 

Choose a suitable location 

Working with a builder, you can choose a location and neighborhood that is suitable for you. There is a vast selection of available homes, or if you’re building from the ground up, you can choose your exact spot. 

Tailor your home to you 

When you buy an existing home, you may have to compromise on certain things on your wish list. However, if you opt for a new construction, you may have the option to customize certain features during the build. 

Maintenance free 

Choosing a new home for sale means everything is completely fresh and new, so maintenance and repairs won’t be needed for some time. A new construction home also comes with a warranty, so you will be covered if there are any defects or issues. 

Ready to move in instantly 

New homes are ready for you to simply move in and start living, meaning there is no need for renovating and spending more money. Although you may be able to find old existing homes that need some TLC at a lower price point, by the time you have invested extra money to renovate and make the place feel like home, you may not have saved anything. 

Incentives from builders 

Home builders often provide incentives to first-time buyers, so it may be easier than you think to get a designer home at a price you can afford! 

If you think a new construction home may be for you and would like to explore your options with Miraval, please get in touch– we’d love to help!