Are you looking for a multigenerational new home?


According to figures from the Pew Research Center, around 51 million Americans live in a home with at least two adult generations, or a grandparent and at least one other generation. There can be any number of reasons why multiple generations of families might choose to live together – it may be for financial reasons, driven by an event such as a job loss or house foreclosure. Or it may simply be driven by a desire to live as a closer extended family unit. Whatever the reason behind it, this type of arrangement is often referred to as multigenerational living, and is becoming an increasingly important consideration when people are looking to buy a new home.

The reasons for multigenerational living have also shifted over the years. While in the past it would have been more likely to be the older generation’s financial position that necessitated moving in with younger relations, today it is more likely to be the younger generation struggling to keep up with the modern costs of living and home ownership. According to a 2012 survey by a national home builder, 32 percent of adult children expect to end up sharing their house with a parent.

While it’s true that financial necessity is often the driver for multigenerational living, many families find there are many emotional and practical advantages in multiple generations living in the same house. That might take the form of built-in elder care or child care, or simply more hands to help out with cooking or other household chores.

Some housebuilders have begun to specifically make provisions for multigenerational living in their plans for new developments. It is becoming more common for a new home for sale to have features such as two master bedrooms, a downstairs room that can be converted into a guest room, or other flexible floorplans that can be utilized to adapt to changing family needs.

The new homes for sale in our development at Miraval at Mesa Verde have floorplans that feature a full-sized master bedroom on the first floor, ideal for an extended family with elderly parents. From the creators of the award-winning communities of Collective, Westreef and Miraval in Costa Mesa, phase two of our Miraval at Mesa Verde development offer spacious single-family houses designed for a contemporary coastal California lifestyle ideal for an extended family.

If you are looking to buy a new home for multigenerational living, Miraval at Mesa Verde offers a range of attractive features for any potential homebuyer. Our original Miraval community sold all of its units quickly, and was awarded the National Association of Homebuilders Gold Award for Best Architectural Design in its class Nationwide for 2017. 

Taking contemporary design influences from local coastal Southern California, Miraval brings exceptional attention to detail to every new home for sale in our development. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just build homes, we build vibrant, family-friendly communities. For more information regarding sales, please call or text our realtor Valerie Torelli on 714-313-3241.