What is a California Room? (And why you want one!)

Designing Miraval Mesa Verde For The Way We Live Today

We talk a lot about indoor/outdoor living in Southern California, especially in real estate marketing, where the term is sometimes applied to even the smallest balcony or patio. Not so at Miraval, where we’ve taken indoor/outdoor living to the next level. After all, that’s why we live in Southern California, isn’t it? In fact, we’ve designed each of Miraval’s 10 spacious homes with plenty of room to roam. And, speaking of room, every home at Miraval includes a California Room. What’s a California Room, you ask?

The short answer: The California Room is going to be your favorite room in your new home at Miraval!

The longer answer:  One part porch, one part room, and a hearty dose of open air, the California room is the latest design trend heating up the blogosphere, Pinterest and your Instagram feed. Inspired by sunshine, the great outdoors, and rooms with a view, the California Room is the perfect indoor/outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the SoCal lifestyle, year ‘round.

We sat down with Ryan White of the Dahlin Group, the architects of Miraval, to learn more about how these beautiful homes bring together the best of indoor/outdoor living (including California Rooms) in one of Orange County’s most popular neighborhoods.

Q:  How important was the idea of indoor/outdoor living when you set out to design the homes at Miraval?

A:  Capturing and encouraging the Southern California lifestyle was THE major design focus for the homes at Miraval. Because of the year-round great weather, these homes needed to have a great indoor/outdoor experience. That is immediately realized when you walk into the front courtyard with the transparency of the floor-to-ceiling glass, along with the floating staircase, allowing you to see straight through to the rear yard. And, of course the California Room is the ultimate embodiment of indoor/outdoor living, bringing the comforts and design of the interior to a more alfresco setting that is sheltered yet open to enjoy in all four seasons.

Q:  Speaking of the California Room, what are your favorite elements of the Miraval architectural design?

A:   I love the stairway floating up into the second floor volume space, along with the large bi-folding doors leading to the California Room. Together, they create a great main living space within the home. With the use of the expansive opening at the rear of the home, we also blended the indoor space of the kitchen and great room with the outdoor space of the California Room. This way, you can flow from the most popular indoor rooms - the kitchen and great room, which are usually the hubs of the home - and into what will be everyone’s favorite room, the California Room, and to the wonderful, large backyard beyond. Growing up in Costa Mesa, it’s exactly the type of house that’s perfect for life in Mesa Verde.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the exterior architecture of the homes at Miraval

A:  For the exterior style, we wanted to create beautiful, contemporary homes that are influenced by Mid Century Modern and Transitional styles of architecture. We paid a lot of attention to the entry experience of these homes. The use of quality materials along with creating an experience of entry to the home, not only gives the home a unique look, but a memorable experience as you make your way inside. The swing garage sets the homes back off the street giving it a grander approach as you enter. Passing through the front gate, you immediately get the sense of the indoor/outdoor feel of the home, viewing the front courtyard and through to the rear yard. Our collaboration with Pinnacle Residential and Collective Housing, both of whom have a great attention to detail, ensured that the exciting vision that the Dahlin Group architectural team would be realized. It’s the execution of the design and every detail that gives each house at Miraval a custom home feel.

Come see for yourself how the use of indoor/outdoor living elements creates a unique experience in the homes at Miraval when the community celebrates its grand opening on Saturday, June 11!