A Miraval Moment with Shannon Wilkins of PRAIRIE Design + Staging

There's no one better to bring to life Miraval's uniquely beautiful interiors for modern-day living than Shannon Wilkins, interior designer and owner of PRAIRIE Design + Staging. Her company is known for   artfully and stylishly staging and designing homes across OC and LA, and we're thrilled to announce they are bringing their talents to design the model at Miraval Mesa Verde. We recently sat down with the Hollywood stylist turned interior designer to see how she is helping create the California coastal-modern, indoor/outdoor lifestyle at Miraval Mesa Verde. 

Q: What attracted you to working on the Miraval Mesa Verde project? 

A: I instantly fell in love with Miraval Mesa Verde's modern architecture, with large cascade windows that fill the homes with natural light, high ceilings throughout, contemporary baseboards - I could go on, but the architecture and design of the homes lends itself so well to the eclectic, Mid-Century modern coastal look that PRAIRIE is best known for. Our vibe really complements the homes, and I have no doubt people will be able to easily see themselves living at Miraval Mesa Verde. Pouring a drink at the bar wall and walking outside to the expansive outdoor living area - buyers will feel right at home at the Miraval model!

Q: What was your inspiration behind creating an interior design plan for Miraval Mesa Verde: 

A:  We wanted to take appealing elements - think bright whites, natural stones, raw wood, blue and dark grey hues - and make them feel new again using a Mid-Century flair at Miraval. We want the Miraval model to look lived in and not too precious - layered and unique, but still bright and familiar. Our main focus was to create an open living space that feels warm and creative, and highlight the contemporary character and timeless quality of the homes at Miraval Mesa Verde. We are playing with bohemian prints on grasscloth wallpaper, geometric tiles in the master bathroom, and bold lighting choices. It will feel very California-cool with an eclectic twist.  

Stay tuned for part two of our interview with Shannon to learn more about the different room looks at Miraval Mesa Verde.